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Good from bad – there are now upsides for you in the UK

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Rishi Sunak’s new plan designed to save jobs and boost the economy could work well for you.

  • If you’ve been furloughed get ready to go back because your employer will be getting £1,000 if they bring you back and keep you until at least January

  • VAT is down to 5% on food, accommodation and attractions from 15 July to 12 January so that’s a boost for our cost of living

  • Going out for a meal in August from Monday to Wednesday will score you a 50% discount up to £10. Like everything there are Ts and Cs.

  • If you can afford it now is a great time to buy a house – Rishi has scrapped stamp duty up to £500k until 31 March

  • If you have a house you can “go green”with a government subsidy

  • If you have a 16-24 year old child looking for work they might find it a bit easier to do that as the government will subsidise their wages for 6 months and pay employers for taking on trainees and apprentices.

As always there are rules for the application of all this but the doors are open again and that’s a great place for us all to be right now.

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